December 5, 2012

Goodbye, Brown :DD

Shame, the content of this post makes me write it down in English, because of what I'm going to say. My bad.

Oh, well. I was in my bf's house (sometimes "my home") when I found, thanks to a school mate, that school was over before I expected. I mean, I didn't go to school on Monday nor Tuesday, because my grades and absences allowed me to. My plan was to go today, because of "the last daaaay, dude, come on, let's make some noise, nigga" and all that shit.
But when I read that fb status of my mate (more like an unpleasant aquaintance), I was a little confused. Dude, what the fuck? I checked the notice, made a couple of questions to confirm that, and got very joyful. IT WAS TRUE :D

And then came an annoying and very false (don't know how's the english expression, in my language is like that) mate that told me something like "aam, we are going to Marina's house tomorrow (today, Wednesday) to celebrate last day all together, bring $45 because we need food and rent an inflatable ship, it's gonna be fun, come on!" and bla bla bla.

I said to myself "BITCH, NO" but I presented in my defense a pair of excuses for not going.

I mean...
This people are like...
Totally dicks between them.
Why to go? Why to be with a smile when I don't want to see to, like, a dozen of them? Fuck you all!
And put $45? In your dreams, bitch.

Only that.

In fact, I'm gonna enjoy my holidays without seeing the rest of the population, only a few ones.


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