July 15, 2010

because I am your Knight;

The eternal dance that we promised;
We're the heart lie;

Our blond hair reflected in the mirror,
as we followed each other,
trembled in our beds,
& come into contact,
as if our hands were tied with a thread;

An unfamiliar face appears
with a soft whisper;
I take the hammer and hit the glass;
Broke up;

The two people in the castle
destroying it;
The bells announce the final
for noisy & Princess Knight;

Putting your hands in the distorted mirror,
the length of our fingers is not the same;
From now on, sleep in different beds?
Come in saying 'good night';

By turning the knob the door opened;
The sound bounces back & you stop me
& kiss your finger extended;

The urgency of running
through my back at that time;

Do not turn off the light still sleep alone tonight;
& yet I would say hitting the pillow
with my right hand;

'I'm scared of monsters', that is not
my infant princess;
Your eyes with tears tell me that I am wrong,
but you do not stare me any explanation;

The time alone for mom & dad were over;
Is not it? It is a distant dream;
The sheet gives me warmth,
& you break my snap
without talking;

The door is locked;
We look to the eyes mutually,
looking for a responsible person;
A child is an excuse to turn off all lights;
I should not touch your hair,
if he is not lying too;

The time has stopped,
two people hugging;
Each different beat of your heart;
I do want my sync with yours;

Your warm breath dissolves,
as the end of the warm hug;
After that I move,
because I am your knight;
Adolescence, Kagamine Rin & Len (versión inglés)

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